“ Fabulous Magical Review Show Turns Family Fun
Into Thousands Of Dollars For School
& Community Groups! ”
Listen to what Herb Seel has to
say about Fundraising Magic™
" Very professional … raised us $4,600!!! It's the second time we've booked John Kaplan and look forward to working with him again! On a scale of 1 to 10 ... you're an 11! Thanks John! "
Herb Seel, Lake Windermere District Lions, Invermere BC
Listen to what Shelly Langdon has
to say about Fundraising Magic™
" We are so pumped! We are so excited! We are so darn happy! Fundraising Magic raised us $4,000!
Shelly Langdon, Capitol Hill Elementary,Burnaby
“... absolutely thrilled the sell out audience! ”
Watford Guide - Advocate, Watford ON
” Kaplan’s magic captivates audiences! ”
The Advertiser - Grand Falls, Windsor NF
“... a real crowd pleaser! ”
Tilbury Times - Tilbury ON
Listen to what Tim Shearlaw has
to say about Fundraising Magic™
" This was our second time hosting your show and we did even better than last time, raising $3,300! You can't go wrong, thanks to the planning and experience provided by your Project Kit! "
Tim Shearlaw
Three Hills AB
“ Great family entertainment value … great fundraiser … raised us $5,000! The Project Book was excellent … very well organized … we would definitely recommend! ”
Wanda Coles
Lord Baden-Powell Elementary, Coquitlam BC
“ John, you’re a pleasure to deal with! We were totally impressed with the show, your group and our results … the $6,326.85 Fundraising Magic raised us will go towards buying new playground equipment for our school! You’re a TEN! ”
Sydney Chambers
Baker Drive Elementary,
Coquitlam BC
“ Fundraising Magic raised us a net profit of $4,962.58! We are really thrilled with how everything went … everyone had a great time! Thanks again for all your help! We will definitely keep you in mind for future events! ”
Janice Strohhacker
Devon Gardens Elementary,
Delta BC
“ Your Project Kit made this an extremely well organized event … an organizer’s dream! Kids AND adults enjoyed the show … it was GREAT! We were able to sit back and enjoy the show with everyone else … on a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a TEN … Fundraising Magic raised us $4,500! "
Kathy DeRenzio

Vanier Elementary,
Coquitlam BC

“ This Fundraising Magic event was enjoyed by all and raised us $4,883.17! Your Project Kit is excellent, very helpful! ”
Judy MacKinnon
Red Lake DHS, Red Lake ON
" Your Project Book and publicity materials were excellent! The show raised approximately $6,500 towards our 4-H activities!"
Janice Shelton
" We’ve had John Kaplan’s Fundraising Magic program twice, raising us nearly $10,000 in total … a great performance, total class … you’re a TEN! ”
Mark Elliott
Elizabeth School Playground Committee, Kindersley SK
" Great Show!!! Your Project Plan is well laid-out and easy to follow ... raised us $4,000! Lots of fun for all ages! "
Bruce Lougheed
Melita Kinsmen, Melita MB
" Your Project Guide and publicity materials were excellent tools in organizing this event. Professional, friendly, organized, responsible and FUN … raised us over $4,000! "
Beatrice Jordan
Stratford Parks & Recreation, Stratford ON
“ John and his staff were very easy to work with. It was a great day for everyone involved. The show was outstanding, and the money we made ($5,236) was fantastic… a successful fundraiser! ”
Michelle Yonge
Ecole Marlborough School,
Burnaby BC
" Excellent show! Lots of good comments from the crowd. Your Project Guide became our Show Bible. Excellent ideas and tips! On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a plus TWENTY!! raised us $7,189 … we will do it again!! "
Karen Neil
Athabasca Lions,
Athabasca AB
" The performance was fantastic … we’d recommend it to anyone! We used the Project Kit organizer from start to finish … it was all we required for planning and ideas! Fundraising Magic RAISED US $8,000!
Janice Anderson
Sackville Guides & Scouts, Sackville NB
"Loved the show, the crew and everything that came with it! Excellent people to deal with Ö Makiní MAGIC! RAISED US $4,000! for new playground equipment!”
Kara Stoyanowski
Florence MacDougall Community School
" Everyone had an absolutely wonderful time ... people laughed so hard they had tears ... it was GREAT! Your Fundraising Magic program RAISED US $10,000!
Pam Collingwood
Glenfir School,
Summerland BC
" John Kaplan is a fundraising genius! Hire him and the money magically appears! Makiní MAGIC! RAISED US $4,606 for our Centennial Tourist Booth & Pioneer Park project Ö 2 weeks after and the community is still talking about the show!!”
Colette McKillop
Mayerthorpe & District Chamber of Commerce Mayerthorpe AB
" Thank you so much for a great fundraisser! Very professional, very organized, lots of materials for us to use ... WE RAISED OVER $10,000 with this event and rate you a TEN!”
Garcie Wong
Aspenwood Elementary
Port Moody BC
" AWESOME!!! We did this as a community event and the kids loved it ... RAISED US $6,000 and we're doing it again!”
Sylvie Seabough
Armstrong Elementary
Burnaby BC
" Our show was a great success ... we cleared $9,200!”
Michelle Holman
A J McLellan Elementary
Surrey BC
" Absolutely great ... the best laid out program I've seen ... raised us $12,000!”
Suzanne Jakubec
Viking School
Viking AB


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John Kaplan

Spellbinding multi-media magic show transports you to a world of wonder and mystery! Your entire family will be gasping in astonishment and rolling in the aisles with laughter… a dazzling experience you'll be talking about long after the final curtain!

Escape into a realm of fantasy and make-believe where ANYTHING is possible!

“AbracaDAZZLE!” dazzles your senses with amazing illusions and spectacular special effects brought to life with electrifying music and dance in an entertainment event that’ll thrill your whole family!

The emphasis is on fun and laughter as the audience is treated to a high-energy, 90-minute program of magic, music, dance and comedy. There’s plenty of fun when
audience volunteers are invited onstage to participate in the magic ... sometimes with hilariously disastrous results!

Along the way John gets his revenge on “The Masked Magician” (notorious TV exposer of magician’s secrets) … people and things mysteriously appear, float and vanish into thin air … plus the giant video screen backdrop provides a thrilling “multi-media” component for an added dimension of illusion!

“AbracaDAZZLE!” is John Kaplan’s newest show release, containing some dazzling new illusions along with highlights from over 30 years of performances for family audiences. It’s a wonderfully entertaining mix of killer “Best-Of” material - PLUS some all-new magic innovations and never-before-seen illusions!

As with John Kaplan’s other popular Fundraising Magic™ productions, this is a show that parents can enjoy with their children and grandparents and everybody will have a terrific time as they share some truly magical moments. Magical moments that’ll leave many fond, lasting memories.

John Kaplan’s “AbracaDAZZLE!” show is a 90-minute live stage show that features a dynamic scenic backdrop, dazzling theatrical lighting effects, big-screen video projection and a talented cast of dancers and performers.


Abracadabra Show Productions, Inc.
383 - 13988 Cambie Rd, Richmond BC V6V 2K4
ph(604)521-8804 | fx(604)278-8549
email johnkaplan@fundraisingmagic.com
website www.fundraisingmagic.com

HURRY“AbracaDAZZLE!” is making its Canadian debut … and this is a one-time-only opportunity to be FIRST IN YOUR AREA to benefit when this fabulous NEW illusion show spectacular turns family fun into thousands of dollars for schools and community organizations this season!

DATES ARE LIMITED call right away!!
Toll-Free at 1-800-616-2229
So you’re not left out of our tour schedule!

Would you like the money raised by an “AbracaDAZZLE!” performance in your community to go to YOUR group?
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Mon, 13.FB.17 > ** Thompson Community Centre, Richmond BC
Mon, 13.FB.17 > * National Congress of Black Women Family Day, Burnaby BC
Fri, 3.MR.17 > SAF Canada, Surrey BC
Fri, 10.MR.17 > * St. Pius X School, North Vancouver BC
Sun, 12.MR.17 > ** Firehall Centre of the Arts, Delta BC
Mar 13-17, 2017 > ** Thompson Community Centre, Richmond BC
Mar 20-24, 2017 > * Sea Island Community Centre, Richmond BC
Mar 20-24, 2017 > ** Cambie Community Centre, Richmond BC
Fri, 7.AP.17 > James McKinney Elementary, Richmond BC
Thur, 4.MY.17 > * Fort McMurray Kinettes, Fort McMurray AB
Sat, 6.MY.17 > ** Bassano Kinsmen Club, Bassano AB
Wed, 10.MY.17 > Seniors Outreach Program, Three Hills AB
Thur, 11.MY.17 > Magic Emporium, Edmonton AB
Fri, 12.MY.17 > ** Beaverlodge Elks Lodge #249, Beaverlodge AB
Sat, 13.MY.17 > ** Belle Petroleum Centre, Peace River AB
Fri, 9.JU.17 > ** William F. Davidson Elementary, Surrey BC
Jul 10-14, 2017 > ** Douglas Park Community Centre, Vancouver BC
Jul 17-21, 2017 > ** Thompson Community Centre, Richmond BC
Jul 24-28, 2017 > St. George School, Vancouver BC
July 31-Aug 4, 2017 > Dunbar Community Centre, Vancouver BC
Aug 8-11, 2017 > ** Cambie Community Centre, Richmond BC
Tue, 15.AG.17 > Kensington Complex, Burnaby BC
Tue, 15.AG.17 > Confederation Park, Burnaby BC
Aug 21-25, 2017 > ** Thompson Community Centre, Richmond BC
Aug 28-Sep 1, 2017 > Port Moody Arts Centre, Port Moody BC
Tue, 21.NV.17 > ** Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Assoc, Vancouver BC
Sat, 2.DC.17 > ** Rio Tinto Alcan Primary Metal, Kitimat BC
Sat, 9.DC.17 > ** Musqueam First Nations Band, Vancouver BC
Sat, 10.FB.18   ** Thompson Community Centre, Richmond BC
Sun, 18.FB.18 > Rotary Club of Mission, Mission BC
Fri, 16.MR.18 > Cabaret of Wonders, Chilliwack BC
Mar 19-23, 2018 > * Dunbar Community Centre, Vancouver BC
Mar 19-23, 2018 > ** Thompson Community Centre, Richmond BC
Mar 26-29, 2018 > * Port Moody Arts Centre, Port Moody BC
Fri, 27.AP.18 > Kinette Club of Red Deer, Red Deer AB
Sat, 28.AP.18 > Kinette Club of Red Deer, Red Deer AB
Sun, 29.AP.18 > Kinette Club of Red Deer, Red Deer AB
Wed, 9.MY.18 > ** Ecole Marlborough Elementary, Burnaby BC
Fri, 25.MY.18 > Grassland Homesteader's 4-H Club, Merritt BC
Sat, 26.MY.18 > ** Momentum Gymnastics, Salmon Arm BC
June 6 & 7, 2018 > Yukon Special Olympics, Whitehorse YT
Tue, 3.JY.18 > ** Douglas Park Community Centre, Vancouver BC
July 9-13, 2018 > * St. George School, Vancouver BC
July 16-20, 2018 > ** Port Moody Arts Centre, Port Moody BC
July 16-20, 2018 > ** Douglas Park Community Centre, Vancouver BC
July 23-27, 2018 > ** Thompson Community Centre, Richmond BC
July30-Aug3, 2018 > ** Dunbar Community Centre, Vancouver BC
Aug 13-17, 2018 > ** Hamilton Community Centre, Richmond BC
Aug 13-17, 2018 > ** Cambie Community Centre, Richmond BC
Aug 20-24, 2018 > ** Thompson Community Centre, Richmond BC
Aug 27-31, 2018 > ** Dunbar Community Centre, Vancouver BC